Why MIP Colostrum?

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MIP Colostrum is 100% pure and undiluted Colostrum. Sourced from healthy, pasture-fed New Zealand cows living their whole life outdoors and are free from pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic hormones. Herds are mostly grass-fed, except in very dry summer periods where farmers might feed hey or grain (NZ is GM free); our livestock is not forced to live in confinement and endure the miseries of factory farming.

MIP Colostrum is an incredible natural source of proteins, immunoglobulins, growth factors, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and nucleotides.

After calving, the calf is left with the mother cow for 8-12 hours to ensure the calf has had sufficient colostrum. Only the first and second colostrum milkings are collected for processing. 

MIP Colostrum is collected and transported in a fresh chilled state from farms to the processing plant. This is a critical production advantage, because gentle handling, low temperature collection and same day process technology preserve the active ingredients of MIP Colostrum. It is pasteurised to satisfy the most demanding International Standards (72ºC for 15 seconds), so that the highest microbiological quality is assured. Other Colostrum’s are collected in batches (especially 6 hour colostrum), until there is enough to process. This means it must be stored for long periods before processing, so it is frozen. Rapid freezing and rapid thawing techniques prior to processing cause damage to the protein molecules compromising biological activity.

A unique energizing process is applied to the MIP Colostrum powder in the bottling plant to ensure optimal biological activity. This process ensures the optimal activity of biological components in MIP Colostrum and enables the body to absorb these components as a whole.

Our vegetarian capsules are made from cellulosic raw materials that satisfy both vegetarian and cultural needs. These vegetable capsules are easy to swallow, starch-free, gluten-free and preservative-free so they meet the strict dietary needs of customers that choose a vegetarian lifestyle.

The purity and enhanced biological activity of MIP Colostrum means that you get significantly better and faster results. You only need one to two capsules or 1 tsp powder per day whereas other products can require you to take up to 4 times as much.

Regulatory Information

It is certified that this product is manufactured using colostrum sourced from New Zealand dairy cows which contains no preservatives, antioxidants or food additives. It is also free of rBST (synthetic hormones), which is not licensed for use in dairy cows by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority. MIP Colostrum contains no genetically modified organisms, plant or animal products.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality control procedures are enforced during the manufacturing of MIP Colostrum. Final product is sampled and tested for chemical, sensory and microbial parameters using internationally recognised procedures in an ISO 17025 certified laboratory. During storage and shipment, precautions are taken to ensure that product quality is maintained. Each package is giving a batch number to enable trace back. Manufacturing premises operate under a Risk Management Programme approved by NZ Food Safety Authority. This programme incorporates a HACCP programme and certification to ISO 22000 and 14001. The bottling plant is GMP certified.

These high standards of production mean we can supply the highest quality New Zealand Colostrum supplements.


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