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We first used MIP Colostrum when my horse Tiki picked up a bug at a show. We added it to his feed to try and give his immune system a boost while recovering, and we felt it worked well as he recovered rapidly, and much faster than my friends horse who picked up the same illness at around the same time. After this initial success we then used MIP Colostrum for Tiki at times when we were travelling away to shows, to give his immune system a boost so that he would hopefully be less succeptible to the viruses and bacterial infections which can be easily picked up off other horses at shows. We really felt that it helped him because when a lot of other people were having problems with this happening to their horses, our horse was rarely affected. While I preferred to use as few supplements as possible for my horses, this was one which I used throughout my time riding and would highly recommend to others given the level of success I experienced using it. We also used it for our orphaned lambs when we first got them to help give their immune systems a boost and felt that it was really good for this. — Victoria M, NZ *


I have been comparing your product to two others; I have used all three with three different animals {inc.3 week old pups}. On MIP NZ…..the results are visible…pups now 5.5 wks…robust, heavy, not sloppy fat but firm. Coats remarkable….

Product # 2….other pups started at 8 weeks and at 12 weeks they were OK. Not a big difference. My Bitch that had a severe case of mange in between toes {difficult to walk} her whole body bumps, bloody and painful – thoughts of putting her down!

We started with product # 3 ..then # 2. Results fair… that’s when I found MIP NZ…great difference, slow but working. Today almost CLEAR !

I decided to try these products myself. I am impatient, if I do not SEE or FEEL results in 30 or 40 days, I’M DONE !!  I have tried many, many Pills, capsules and powder {ALL WELL ADVERTISED..!} Tried MIP NZ colostrum, at first I did not notice any difference, was off for 2 weeks, then the nerves in my right arm and wrist began to hurt and pull {results of bad dog bite thru wrist bone} I am convinced MIP NZ  WORKS – No more experiments…!!  I have one of my clients on it for arthritis corporeal tunnel etc – TIME WILL TELL !!  — J Putnam, Professional dog breeder, USA *


We have been delighted with our baby animals this season, both lambs and calves.  My son brought home a little cold wet lamb and we thought he would die.  We gave him some of your colostrum when we dried him out by the fire and couldn’t believe that he survived.  Then we did the same with a number of lambs and calves and kept putting some in their milk powder and most of them soon picked up and are healthy and well today. — Naomi C. NZ *


We had an outbreak of PARVO, after 60 days of IV shots etc. one whippet developed mange all over the body. A friend suggested colostrum, tried it with fair results. I looked into colostrum from NZ and purchased a bag of powder – WOW..WOW, pure paid off Results. So far 89% cure. I am now putting all dogs and pups on NZ pure colostrum. Each pup sold will go home with a supply !  — Jerry P. / Norika Whippets, USA *


The supplement MIP Colostrum that I had gotten from your Co. is for my dogs.  I have 5 small Havanese ranging from 9 pounds to 16 pounds.  I put it in their food almost every day.  So far, so good.  It’s difficult to see immediate results, but I can see a difference in their coats. My intention was to find them a high quality nutrient supplement.  I plan to buy another supply if all continues to go well. — Lori Shapiro, USA (Lori reordered MIP Colostrum after 5 weeks) *


Our little dog suffers allergies. The sores on his skin have healed and he hasn’t been having any respiratory trouble lately. We have stopped giving him his allergy tablets recently as there is no need anymore. And he has finally started to lose weight and become a lot more active, instead of just lounging about. — L & G Sears, Australia *

Thank you so much for a great product.   My two cats and dog fur is beautiful since using the powder.  My one cat’s lymphoma has not worsened since using this.  It is a fatal disease.   I also take it and am very happy with it.”   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  —   Rhonda B, USA     Follow up testimonial:   I have been using your colostrum powder for awhile and I am very happy with it. I give it to my cat for her lymphoma and she recently had a normal blood count.     THANK YOU for a great product!!!!!   Rhonda B, USA *


“I have a 3 year old Lab mix named Henry who developed very bad allergies beginning last April.

We tried the usual solutions; however, they were only temporary fixes. I do not like giving my dog steroids and was looking for a more natural treatment. I contacted my former vet (she moved out of state but we were still in contact) and she recommended your product.

I ordered a bottle and began giving Henry two capsules a day. I didn’t notice much of a change in his itching, but I did notice that his skin was not as inflamed as it had been.  After one month I began giving him only one pill a day and after six weeks of being on your product, he began to itch less.

It was almost as if a light switch had been flipped!  He has continued on your product and is still doing great – he is sleeping through the night and so are we!!

I am so thankful that my vet recommended your product and I am thankful to you for creating it!” Sincerely, Teresa, USA *


I began supplementing my dog’s food with MIP Colostrum upon the advice of my veterinarian.  My dog, Phenix, suffers from chronic skin problems, and a back injury that he suffered while on steroids for treatment of the skin problems.
While undergoing physical therapy, the vet suggested that I try the MIP Colostrum as a way to boost Phenix’ immune system, and she was very specific that it had to be MIP Colostrum because of the quality of the product.
It has been a wonder drug for Phenix.  His ability to walk has improved, and he has more control over his hind legs.  Also, his coat is growing in beautifully, and his itching has significantly lessened.  He’s actually spunky again; playing with toys and trying to run.
I’ve tried many other holistic products to assist Phenix, but none offered the results that he’s gotten through MIP Colostrum.
Thanks for such a great product!Cheri and Phenix Deatsch, New Orleans, Louisiana USA *


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