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Being a high performance athlete you are always pushing your body right to the outer limits, MIP Colostrum ensures that my digestive and immune system is running on all cylinders. This gives me peace of mind that I am doing my best to not allow myself to get sick. MIP Colostrum ensures I am getting all the nutrients I need to jump start my health, strength and vitality everyday.  
Simon van Velthooven,
BikeNZ Sprint Cycling Team, World, Commonwealth, and Olympic Medalist


MIP DayBoost: I regularly exercise and have one of those pre-work out shakes beforehand. This Day Boost has been so easy to combine into my routine and its made such a difference! The taste is LOVELY and my body feels like it recovers way quicker and is stronger. I have also noticed that my ankle doesn’t get as inflamed after running long distance. Thanks! – Karen F, USA


As a professional athlete it is my responsibility to get the best out of my body each day. I need to be able to push beyond what I think are my limits and find that extra 2% in my training. With the strain and stress of training I need to keep my immunity and recovery at top level. MIP Colostrum is keeping me in top health allowing me each day to chase that extra percent in my journey of seeking the top step of the podium. 
— Ethan Mitchell
, BikeNZ Cycling Team, National, World, Commonwealth and Youth Olympic Medalist


Natural Bodybuilding:  So why do I choose MIP Colostrum over all others? Simply because it’s the most purest form there is, high quality and inexpensive. My immune system, digestive/bowel system is functioning at optimum level. It’s vital towards my recovery and lean muscle gains and I simply wouldn’t be without it. So if you’re looking for that fountain of youth effect, then be wise and look into this marvellous product.
— Glen Zephyre – ANB Asia Pacific International Champion (Ultra Grandmasters) & Australian representee: INBA Natural Olympia (Grandmasters) *


I have been very physically active and have taken a lot of supplements, and eaten a lot of greens for a long time.  I have been taking MIP Colostrum for about two months and all around it has made me feel better, and as I am always trying to gain bulk, I am the biggest I have ever been but the leanest.  That is saying a lot since I am training for the NYC Marathon once again.  Thank you for this great product and for keeping it as close to the purest of sources. — Ross, USA *


I have been using your product for about 5 months now. I have been weight training for 25 years and since discovering your product we are recovering at least 1day faster than ever before, so we are getting better results. I have given my training partners a bottle each. They’re both so impressed they have asked me to order more for them. I have just placed that order with you.
I have a lot of interest from our football team; I would be interested in selling your product here. Let me know your thoughts. — Gavin S., Australia *


For years now I have been an avid gym junkie working out on average 5 days a week. As a result however I suffered constant immune system issues. Every year i would catch anything that was going around from viruses to head colds to the flu. One year i caught something that my doctor could only explain to me as a muscle flu where my whole body to shake for around 48 hours. If someone at work or at home was sick i was sure to catch it in no time. Around the time of the recent Olympics i read in a Australian news paper that our athletes had been taking colostrum to increase their immune system and recovery rates. Being one to try anything I did some research on line and began taking colostrum everyday after my work out or while i was at work. For over a year now I have only had one head cold which lasted 5 days in total. My immune system is so strong it is to the point that I can sleep next to my girlfriend when she is sick and not catch anything. It is to the point where she actually calls me super colostrum man because i never get sick anymore. Taking colostrum has improved my life dramatically and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone out there.
— Wayne B., Australia *


I have been on Colostrum for 3 months now and have found it excellent. It did take a while to start working but now I have been on it a while I can’t live without it. I have felt so much better, and my training has improved out of sight. I am stronger and my muscle definition is fantastic for a 50 year old. I will continue to use it and look forward to seeing what the next 6 to 12 months will bring.
Thank you so much. Happy man!
– Ian L., Australia *


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