How Does it Work?

The main function in the new-born is in the form of transfer of passive immunity from the mother to the child. The mother has been exposed to a variety of environmental factors and organisms to which her immune system has produced antibodies during her lifetime. In transfer of passive immunity the mother passes on her complement of antibodies to these various factors onto her offspring. In humans and apes the mother passively immunises her young in utero by passage of antibodies through the placenta.

In animals where maternal antibodies do not pass the placental barrier (horses, cattle, pigs, and sheep), the young are passively immunised immediately after birth by way of Colostrum. In these species the maternal antibodies present in the Colostrum are absorbed directly through the gut in the first few days following birth.

Bovine Colostrum is the only form of Colostrum that is not species specific. In other words, it contains all of the immune and growth factors found in all other sources and thus it can significantly benefit all other mammals, including humans of course.

MIP Colostrum is the ultimate in preserving all the natural transfer factors, increasing and enhancing the bioavailability of the growth and immune factors to us.

Immune Factors
Immunoglobulins; Proline Rich Polypeptides; Lactoferrin; Lysozyme; Lactoglobulin

Immune Support and Balancing Factors
Colostrum has high levels of antibodies (IgG)
Antibodies or immunoglobulins provide specific protection against infectious agents
Protein Rich Polypeptides balance activity of the thymus gland
Alpha-Lactalbumin supports metabolic activity of immune system cells
Lysozyme destroys bacterial cell walls
Lactoperoxidase supports normal bacterial populations in the body
Lactoferrin acts as an antioxidant by binding iron generated by oxidative stress

Metabolic Factors
Insulin-Like GF I & II; Epidermal Growth Factor; Transforming Growth Factor; Growth Hormone; Insulin

Metabolic Support
Colostrum has high levels of growth and metabolic factors:
IGF-1: Insulin-like Groth Factor 1
EGF: Epidermal Groth Factor
TGF-ß: Transforming Growth Factor Beta

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