MIP Colostrum and Growth Factors

MIP Colostrum Provides Powerful Growth Factors

MIP Colostrum contains powerful anti-aging and growth factors (epithelial growth factor, EgF, insulin-like growth factor -1, transforming growth factor A & B, TgF A & B and growth hormone, GH).

These vital growth factors boost cell and tissue growth by stimulating DNA and RNA formation. Studies show that these growth factors are also capable of increasing T-cells, accelerating healing, balancing blood sugar levels, increasing muscle and bone growth, increasing fat utilization and increasing stamina and strength.

Growth factors in MIP Colostrum include: Insulin-like growth factor I and II (IgF-1 and IgF-II): Every cell in our body has an IgF-1 receptor. IgF1 allows each cell to enter an active stage. This means that the cell can then heal itself or replicate. IgF-1 is also believed to cross the blood brain barrier to provide increased mental acuity and increase Serotonin uptake. Naturally produced by a young and healthy body but decreasing with age, growth hormone replacement shows outstanding promise in reversing or slowing the aging process.

Growth factors are very small bio-active molecules which promote growth and maturation of various cell types and tissues. They are found in very high concentrations in MIP Colostrum. They not only stimulate normal growth and development but also help regenerate and accelerate the repair of aged or injured muscle, skin, bone, cartilage and nerve tissues. Growth factors also stimulate the body to burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue in times of fasting or dieting. They also help build lean muscle and have been shown to have a positive effect on athletic performance. This is why bovine colostrum is increasingly being used in bodybuilding regimes. The growth factors in Colostrum are the most widely researched and reported in the world today.

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